Profile - CastMaster Nig. Ltd.

Castmaster Metallurgical Co. Ltd is a foundry operating in Kano state, north-west Nigeria and engaged in the melting, casting and supply of various agricultural machine implements, industrial spare components, pulleys and construction materials for our esteemed customers cutting across the whole of Nigeria. From three operating production sites located differently, for over six years, we have now consolidated and operate from our ultra-modern factory located at km8 Hadeija road, Tokarawa Kano. Currently, we operate on two installed 1-ton per hour coke-fired cupola furnaces for the production of liquid ferrous metal alloys mainly grey and white cast iron. We also have a 200kg capacity oil-fired lift-out crucible furnace for the production of liquid non-ferrous metal alloys. All equipments are designed and fabricated in Nigeria, with optimal performance. We are committed to the functional development and actualization of foundry practice in Nigeria and we are working assiduously to meet up with the challenges in this regard. Our products speak for us.

  • Metal casting is our way of life. Our technology is constantly being improved to ensure our clients always receive the best metal castings affordable within the casting industry in Nigeria. Ours is a precision-based casting that guarantees not only your satisfaction, but your constant desire for more. Let's cast for you and you will be optimally satisfied. Castmaster Metallurgical Co. Ltd was established and is being chaired by Fidelis Onyedika Ezenwankwo, a Metallurgical / Material Engineer of over nineteen years post-graduate experience - A member of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), member of Council for the regulation of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN), etc. CastMaster Nig. Ltd., you specify and we cast to your satisfaction.